Friday, December 16, 2011


Lets begin by looking at this-

I would just love to say that Wise makes an EXCELLENT reference in this clip where he talks about indentured servants, and people who have been in those positions. Today we look at people in intercity workings and, honestly, look we still have people that have to complete these rolls. Yet we commonly talk about minorities filling these rolls in society (lets face it, we've all been racist). So has this whole concept of a people completing what we would deem undesirable tasks nothing more than a change of how the country was originally run???? Someones always gonna have to shovel the shit, and that is the main point I want to make with this post. America really hasn't changed in the terms of how its run, we're simply nicer about it. If your white, even today, you still get benefits. It ties into Brown v.s. The Board of Education.

This is how our country's school systems were desegregated. One of the most important events in American History. THis is the case with our schools today. We are desegregated, yes, but is there still equal treatment of all students in our schools???? Absolutely not. Its similar to fighting Terrorism. They tell us that we are winning the war, but the truth is that people like that cannot be stopped for good. Sure I can shoot you, but its an idea. An idea that is impervious to bullets, impervious to anything that I may say. Ideas and thoughts that we have are what create the ideas that we will have.

I loved this post, and I love learning about things like this. Just stop the hustle and bustle as a teacher, and take all of this in. We have to try and get the big picture about education. Everything is not as clear and cut as we all think.

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