Friday, December 16, 2011

Christensen- Argument

Essentially Christensen talks about when students fight back from having to suppress their culture.He talks about what he refers to as the "Secret Education" that children receive in the classroom, like things that we read in fairy tales, see in movies and on t.v. In other words, people only have much potential because in the end, the princess is always white. It made me think immediately to when we analyzed Beauty and the Beast in the classroom, and we were all pointing out what was wrong with it (I was laughing so hard because I honestly couldn't believe how discriminatory it actually is).

 This whole thing has really made me stop and think about what I watch and the fact that by supporting and watching things certain people deem harmless, once you know about it we should probably stop because it then sends the message that we are ok with that. Ive officially boycotted all fairytale movies (what the hell was that princess and the frog shit....are you serious??? First black princess and they make her make out with a frog????). They should have had her cure cancer and single handed end terrorism while she was on a 10 minute power walk outside her castle (id say running, but that would just be racist....oops).

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