Friday, December 16, 2011

Kozal- Argument

Essentially, Jonathan Kozal argues that racism and poverty form a cycle which confine those within to a preset limit of what they can essentially achieve. We would identify this as something along the lines of "Well of course the kids dont do as well at urban schools, they don't have the money to get nice computers. They aren't going to be much of anything anyways". It honestly makes me think about when slaves weren't allowed to read back in the day because the plantation owners didnt want them to become literate and create an uprising. This is what I interpreted from the article.

I would really like to talk about funding in schools, and the supposed equal opportunity we give to kids across the board. It kinda makes me want to go into detail with other issues such as No Child Left Behind, and the overall basic equallity that we give students, no matter what their condition is.

I thought this link was pretty cool it basically talks about equal opportunity in the classroom

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