Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gender equality in the Classroom- Discussion

We spend so much time studying equality in the classroom, and I feel that we spend far more time addressing cultural difference in the classroom, far more than gender difference in the classroom. I mean stop and think about it...its only been about a hundred years since women  began there climb up the ladder of equality and actually obtained what we would deem "Equality". Boys are often labled as trouble makers, girls easy going and energetic. Boys are rough and tough, girls are weaker than boys. It really echos in such areas I feel as physical education, where girls and boys have sports which people may view as appropriate and inappropriate. Girls, for example, dont usually play football. And boys, typically, dont like cheerleading. Yet I feel that as we talk about equality in the classroom, and especially the LGBTQ community, that we must begin to fade these lines and realize that perhaps the remnents of seperation and inequality, truely arent gone. I even see it in the classroom that I am placed in. Kids are seperated by boys and girls when they go to recess (I actually got them to stop this at my elementary school I was so excited!!!!) I dont know I mean.....even down to holding the door open for girls. I was creeping around online and I found this project a student made about sexism in the classroom and it made me stop and think.

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