Friday, December 16, 2011

Finn- Reflection

I thought that this article was amazing, definately one of my favorites. Just the way that Finn writes alone I found favorable in my heart to other authors that we have studied. Essentially, Finn focuses on the fact that we as educators, must realize that we too are learning in the classroom, and that sometimes we make mistakes as well. Instantly, I thought of when we were in class and Dr. Bogad told us about what she referred to as, the "do over".

I had a "do over" moment in my class, in which a student was not focusing one day and I actually became noticibly frustrated with him becuase i had asked him about 8 times to stop knocking his box off the table. I actually utilized the do over moment the following visit, in which I talked to him and apologized and we had an amazing day. Turns out, we as human beings, just have bad days and the classroom is no exception to when we can have these times. We as teachers have to learn to say "hey listen, I was wrong here, I'm sorry". I felt like this article was just so realistic on so many levels, not just in the classroom. It also shows the stuggles teachers face, and that everyone is a student in a classroom.

A classroom isn't a place for this!!!!!!!

Help your students. Be a friend. Be that person they can talk to, and they will listen to you.

Listen to the students!!!

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